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Kobi is a white persian cat who was born June 2000. Kobi received his first rabies vaccination when he was
1 1/2 years old. Nearly 6 months later, in August of 2002, Kobi's mom, Colleen, found a lump on his right rear leg where Kobi was vaccinated. Colleen was recommended to consult with a veterinary oncologist and a board certified surgeon who both determined that Kobi had Vaccine Associated Sarcoma and needed to have his leg amputated. Colleen was in shock, but knew that amputation was Kobi's best chance for a long term survival. In Sept. 2002, Kobi underwent surgery and his recovery and adjustment went extremely well.


Colleen felt terrible that her beautiful two year old cat lost his leg to VAS but at the same time, she realized that she could help other people who were facing the same surgery with their own cat. Colleen helped so many people through our VAS Support Group. If someone had a cat with a tumor on their leg, Colleen would email them and talk to them on the phone regarding their fears and concerns about amputation. She eased their minds and hearts through her words and kindness. Colleen helped to create our Guide for Amputee Caregivers website that has a lot of helpful information on dealing with amputees. Colleen and Kobi gave us hope.

kobi and sushi
In the Spring of 2006, Colleen found out that she had cancer. Colleen had a difficult time but never lost her sense of humor and compassion. Colleen lost her battle with cancer on January 16, 2008. According to Colleen's wishes, Kobi and his brother Sushi have been adopted by a friend of Colleen's from our VAS Support Group.

Colleen is sorely missed by many. Our VAS Support Group has decided to create Kobi's Fund in Colleen's memory.

This fund was created to ease the financial burden for families who face a battle with VAS, to give them a chance to beat it as Kobi has done.

Colleen, you and Kobi will always offer hope, encouragement and love to our VAS families.

You can read more about Kobi and some of our other VAS tripods on the
Feline VAS Support Group's Guide for Amputee Caregivers site.

Please take a look at the Kobi Fund article in the May/June Catster magazine!
(the file is a pdf and takes a little while to load)

Vaccine Associated Sarcoma (VAS), also known as Injection Site Sarcoma (ISS), is a group of different types of cancers that are caused by vaccinations or the act of injecting itself. It is not completely known why VAS occurs. Members of our VAS Support Group feel that if VAS could happen to their cat, it could happen to anyone's cat.
If you have a cat with VAS we recommend you join our
Feline VAS Support Group.
Founded in 1999, with currently over 1,750 members, we have a multitude of articles, files and helpful information on VAS. Being able to email and communicate with others who are going through similar experiences is always a plus.

An important reminder:

Top Veterinarians Recommend NOT to Revaccinate a VAS Cat!

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"Kobi's Fund".

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Kobi's Fund.
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On behalf of the kitties, thank you very much!

To All Applicants: Please be sure to read the following sections.

Medical requirements for Kobi's Fund for VAS Cats:
Cat/kitten must have an initial diagnosis of Vaccine Associated Sarcoma (VAS) or a strongly suspected VAS diagnosis.

A plan of treatment must be established. Please read information on VAS practices/procedures that have been found to work best in fighting this cancer. VAS is a very aggressive disease and treatment should be started as soon as possible.

The cat/kitten must be spayed or neutered or have the procedure done during the treatment period.
Guardian may apply for funding even if treatments have started.
Final funding decisions will be based on resources available.
Funding will be a flat dollar amount. Rarely will full funding be available.
It is expected that the Guardian will contribute to the cost of treatment to the extent possible.
It is requested that the treating veterinarian offsets some of the cost of treatment.
It is strongly recommended that the vaccination reaction is documented and the vaccine manufacturer is notified. It is also suggested that reimbursement be sought from the vaccine manufacturer.

Guardian Qualifications for Assistance
Be a recipient of state MEDICAID; or
Be a recipient of MEDICARE ; or
Be a recipient of a welfare or other public assistance program ; or
Be a recipient of some form of Disability benefits; or
Be recipient of Unemployment Benefits.

Please provide some form of documentation to substantiate your status with any of the above.

**If you do not qualify under any of the above, please provide information and documentation that you believe qualifies you for assistance.**

Fill out the application and follow the instructions on FVEAP's website.
Any other information you can include such as path reports, treatment plans, etc. will be helpful in making our decision.

All communication and applications should clearly state that they are for Kobi’s Fund.

FVEAP’s email address fveap@earthlink.net
FAX # (888) 301-4264

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